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Notes without a name like graffiti sometimes are an expression of hoplesseness. A small voice crying out for what they perceive to be injustice and wrongness with an authourity be it the goverment or prehaps the governing body of a school or church. Often thouse in charge assume ownership over these places even when the body of people involved should have a free voice there.
Name yourself and be named the troublemaker or the one to be watched for future problems. Rarely does the one in charge not surround themselves with others who will mindlessly parrot the leaders views especially when they benifit directly from thier association with the leader.
Want to become very unpopular in a group or social setting? Point out flaws of an indivual publicly so others will be aware of you. If you are right and the person makes changes that effect others around him watch what happens.

This is why most places have anonymous boxes for suggestions or in evaluating someones skills that is in charge.

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