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I agree that this World Cup tournament was filled with controversy. The officiating was actually very different from the other tournaments. That changes the way the game is played in many ways. I did not get to watch the final but seeing it in replay was enough. France played hard with emotion and how you are suppose to play while Italy had some good (and lucky moments) but otherwise looked flat. A lot of these french players knew this could be their last World Cup. Nevertheless, there are many parallels between "futbol" and life in general:
1) You can play your heart out and still not win
2) You can be considered the most skilled player and still not win
3) You must play in harmony with your fellow teamates to win
4) What you do seems to be more scrutinized by others (at least initially) than what you say
5) Someone has to win
PS: All of the American commentators left a lot to be desired. When broadcasting the game on TV you must try to get into the players/coaches/referees' head to help the audience "feel" the rhythm of the game. Actually attending one of these tournaments is an unforgettable experience.

Tony Hartsock

i did make the comment before a win is a win was in i am sure you know...
i was extremely disappointed in the actions of the players on both sides and zidane's outburst while provoked was saddening...
a friend (and him having played soccer in college and the mls...i'll take his word...he is a futbol maniac)of mine brought up some insights about the world can sometimes tell the state of the world by he world cup...
and in this world cup series i can easily agree with him...the actions of these individuals whether it was this game...or the constant whining/flopping/fighting in the others, or the displacement of was rather reflective of the times...countries crying about other countries...words provoking adverse actions by one owning up to ones own responsibilities...
oh well...i think we all believe in and hope for a better world...and a better world cup...

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